Marvel of Jugalbandi - Mumbai Premiere

The Mumbai Premiere of Marvel of Jugalbandi - a concert series by Lakshay Mohan & Aayush Mohan was held at the Nehru Center, Worli. Lakshay & Aayush presented some seasonal ragas and won critical acclaim from the audience which had stalwarts of Indian classical music in attendance among others.

Mohan Brothers hailed as icons for younger generation

Lakshay Mohan & Aayush Mohan are one of the greatest cultural motivators and icons for younger generation for preserving & propagating Indian classical music, writes the Millenium Post. Read on to know Mohan Brothers' views on Indian classical music as a profession.

Marvel of Jugalbandi kicks off from delhi!

The first concert of the Marvel of Jugalbandi concert series at the Kamani Auditorium in Delhi saw a packed house which gave a standing ovation to Lakshay & Aayush.

Raipur music lovers get to listen first Sitar & Sarod Jugalbandi in decades!

Lakshay & Aayush were invited by the Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy (SNA), Govt. of India Sh. Shekhar Sen to give a glimpse of the Sitar & Sarod Jugalbandi (Duet) to music lovers of the city of Raipur, Chhatisgarh.

Marvel of Jugalbandi

Lakshay & Aayush announce their pan-India concert series for 2017. 

Marvel of Jugalbandi, a live concert series in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, is a celebration of the true spirit of Jugalbandi (Duet) - a classical music format which is a big favourite with all audiences. Sitar & Sarod are, in many ways the ideal instruments to be paired up for a duet. A long-standing Sitar & Sarod duet is now a rarity in the world of Indian classical music. Lakshay Mohan & Aayush Mohan will present on this tour, some of their finest repertoire and the true essence of a classical duet. The brothers are changing the dynamics of the classical music scene in India by creating new sections of audience for this music. They have been acknowledged to be among the greatest cultural motivators and icons for the youth for propagating Indian music.



#BreakingConventions - TEDx

Lakshay & Aayush were invited to give a TED style talk on #BreakingConventions at a TEDx event organised by the Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT).